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Professional Parrot Nest Boxes

J-Birds is now offering a wonderful line of professional parrot nest boxes. Virtually indestructible, these boxes are made with 24 and 26 gauge galvanized steel and should last many times longer than a wooden box. We use a "pittsburgh" folded seam instead of pop-rivets for a truly weatherproof connection. Unlike wooden nest boxes, these boxes will not harbor mold and other biological contaminants.

Have It Your Way!

Entry: Pick any sized entry with your order at no extra charge.  Standard entry sizes are listed below in parenthesis ( ).

Inspection Doors:  Pick any location for your inspection doors at no extra charge.  Front, back, sides...anywhere.

Mounting Options:  Inside mount hooks, outside mount hooks or bolts and washers.  Mounting hardware is provided at no extra charge according to your needs.

Custom Shapes and Sizes:  Pick any shape or size. Choose the guage of metal (26 ga. is standard except in large Macaw and T-Boxes).  J-Birds will produce any shape or size box according to your specifications.  Call us to discuss your unique requirements.

Shipping:  Boxes are shipped within three working days and usually arrive within 5 days of your order on FedEx Ground.  

Volume Discounts:  J-Birds offers a 5% discount on 2 or more boxes, 10% on 5 or more.  You will also save on shipping charges.

All boxes are manufactured by J-Birds in a professional sheetmetal shop.

Prices and Dimensions

boot box

Boot Boxes
16x16x8 (4.0) $55.00
18x18x10 (4.0) $60.00
24x24x11 (5.0) $75.00
24x30x12 (5.0) $95.00
24x30x12 (5.0) $95.00
24x35x12 (5.0) $105.00
24x47x12 (5.0) $115.00
T box

T Boxes
24x24x12 (5.0) $100.00
30x27x15 (6.0)1 $130.00
Grandfather Box

Grandfather Boxes
10x24x10 (3.5) $55.00
10x36x10 (3.5) $65.00
11x36x11 (4.0) $75.00
12x42x12 (4.5) $85.00
se7en box

Seven Boxes
18x18x10 (4.0) $60.00
24x18x11 (5.0) $70.00
24x24x11 (5.0) $75.00
24x30x12 (5.0) $95.00
24x35x12 (5.0) $105.00
24x47x12 (5.0) $115.00
Macaw Box

Macaw Boxes
23x15x12 (5x7) $70.00
32x21x15 (6x8)1 $90.00
44x21x16 (6x8)1 $120.00
Z Box

Z Boxes
24x18x10 (4.0) $105.00
35x24x12 (5.0) $120.00
Straight box

Straight Boxes
8x12x8 (3.5) $30.00
9x12x9 (3.5) $33.00
10x12x10 (3.5) $37.00
10x16x10 (3.5) $40.00
10x24x10 (3.5) $49.00
11x12x11 (4.0) $45.00
11x16x11 (4.0) $50.00
12x18x12 (4.5) $52.00
12x24x12 (4.5) $55.00
U box

U Boxes
23x23x12 (5.0) $80.00
23x23x14 (6.0) $85.00


Measurements are given as width x height x depth
() Number in parenthesis is entry hole diameter or square hole width x height
1 Large Macaw and T Boxes are made with 24 gauge metal for extra strength

Shipping and handling for delivery within the contenintal U.S. is $24.95 or less depending on the size and weight of the box ordered.

Quantity discounts available.

CONTACT: Craig Johnson, Covington, LA

504/415-3493, 985/892-3527 or E-Mail: parrotsforsale@hotmail.com